Wayne Gates MPP, Niagara Falls

Government of Ontario

Capping Public Sector Salaries

Mr. Wayne Gates: According to the IPO the government put out about their reckless privatization of Hydro One, the CEO of the new private company would make $4 million a year. That is a 500% increase from the current CEO. How many in this chamber got a 500% increase in their wages? Anybody here?

This is simply ridiculous. The current CEO of Manitoba Hydro made $463,000 in 2014. Can this government really stand there and tell the House that the difference between those two jobs is worth $3.5 million? Somehow, I doubt they can.

This morning the government spent a lot of time telling us they couldn’t afford to increase pay for the best doctors in the world, Ontario doctors. They can’t afford to do that, but they can afford a 27% increase in CEO salaries at CCACs over the last four years. Again, that’s ridiculous. Yet we can’t get a collective agreement at CarePartners for our nurses in Niagara. And the CCAC HNHB, in anticipation of the AG’s report on CCACs, walked out 10 middle managers in one day last week. Does that tell you how top heavy they are, that they can get rid of 10 in one day?

This government has broken promise after promise and wasted billions of dollars in the fallout. It’s time for them to stand up and do the right thing. It’s time to cap public sector CEO salaries.