Wayne Gates MPP for Niagara Falls, Fort Erie & Niagara-on-the-Lake

Government of Ontario

Fight Against Hydro Rates

Hydro is a mess and people are struggling to cover their bills. Living near such a big producer of electricity in Niagara Falls the rates are absolutely unreasonable. Starting with the Conservatives reckless privatization of our public hydro assets and followed by the Liberal mismanagement of the hydro files – our bills have only gone up. Enough is enough. Every where I go I’m hearing that constituents are struggling with hydro bills. I speak on this issue each and every single week but there’s so many ways you can make your voice heard as well.

 Twitter: Tweet at the Minister of Energy here

 Digital Petition: Thousands of people have already signed – add your voice here

 Your Own Petition: Print your own petition and collect signatures from your friends and family. For every petition you get filled out I will personally read them into the legislature on your behalf and send you a video clip to prove it. For the paper petition click here

 Hydro Bills: I’ve been collecting hydro bills and bringing them directly to the Premier and her Minister of Energy to explain how unreasonable these rates are. I encourage you to bring me your hydro bills and drop them off at any of my office locations found here

 Your Ideas: If you have another idea, would like to be involved in a different way or just want to talk to me about your hydro concerns please call me here