Wayne Gates MPP, Niagara Falls

Government of Ontario

Niagara Falls Hospital

Mr. Wayne Gates: Mr. Speaker, I want to touch on one aspect of government spending from last year that affects my entire riding and the entire region of Niagara. That’s the new Niagara Falls hospital. When I was running in the by-election that first brought me to this House-and I’m very proud to be here-over two years ago, the Premier came to Niagara Falls and unveiled a banner at the site of the new Niagara Falls hospital which said, “Funding grant approved.” If we go there today, the banner looks almost like it’s going to fall off. We know we’re in stage 1A, but some people are saying that this hospital is years away.

People in Niagara can’t wait years. They have a right to decent medical care in a timely fashion. We need to see movement on this hospital and we need to see it soon. We have a chance here to increase our medical services in Niagara Falls and put local people back to work. It’s a win-win. Despite last year’s commitment to health care, we still don’t have a shovel in the ground here today. Let’s change that.